The Beauty of Honey and Honibe®

October 28, 2021

The Beauty of Honey and Honibe®

Honey is the #1 ingredient in every single Honibe product... That’s a lot of honey! 

This sweet golden nectar is the first ingredient in all of their products, their Gummie Bee™ vitamins and supplements are packed with honey and essential vitamins and nutrients.

Since honey is an amazing source of energy and a powerful antioxidant, This honey-loving company chose to use this superfood to take on the vitamin industry.

Why is the honey in Honibe® products so great?

Modern farmers understand the importance of our hardworking bee-buddies... So they often set aside space for pollinator feedings and shelters to allow for healthy bee hives.

Best of all, where Honibe sources their honey from, the use of pesticides is heavily restricted, allowing bee colonies to thrive and focus on the one thing they do best… Making pure healthy honey!

In order to make 1 pound of honey, busy bees fly more than 80,000 kilometres and pollinate over 2,000,000 flowers!

Honeybee collecting pollen from flower

Pure Honey is changing how people think about their health… people around the world  are swarming to this more natural way to give their bodies the fuel they need to feel great.

Simply put…

Honey is one of nature’s best kept healing secrets, AND, an excellent source of energy.

Honibes' founder John Rowe always knew that. And it was his love of honey that almost got him eaten by bears…

How a honey jar accident in bear country in Canada sparked a revolutionary new idea that is turning the vitamin industry upside down 

When John Rowe discovered that a jar of honey he'd brought along on a hiking trip had shattered, leaving a gooey mess in his backpack, it led to a brilliant idea.

Not only did the experience give him a good scare, it also served as a 'eureka!' moment…there had to be an easier way to travel with honey - ideally, in a format that was less likely to attract bears!

Shortly after meeting his future wife, Sue, in 2004, the pair got to work researching the idea of delivering all the goodness of honey to people in a solid form..

Founders John and Sue Rowe at the summit of Gros Morne, NL, Canada

The goal was to create innovative and convenient products that support your health and wellness in a way that only honey can: purely, naturally, effectively, and with the fewest ingredients possible. 

The pair had a passion for health and bees, and they knew they had the right experience and education to achieve their goal.

It began in the basement…

The basement in John and Sue’s home became the base of operations, research, and development for the pair, and during those early days they relied on family and friends as their first employees.

In fact, the factory sign you see below was a Christmas gift from Sue’s mom that hung in the entrance to their busy basement. Today, it hangs at the entrance to the 32,000 sq ft factory in Prince Edward Island, Canada. 

The Factory sign from Honibe HQ

In 2007, John and Sue launched the World's First Solid Honey Product – The Honey Drop™ online.

Their website hit 12,000 orders in the first two weeks! This was the validation they needed that proved that the work, money, time invested to date was worth continuing the pursuit. 

Founders John and Sue Rowe with the early Honibe range

Since those early days Honibe has grown into a massive success with many milestones and achievements along the way.

For example: In 2010, Honibe earned the prestigious, “Global SIAL D'OR Medal, Best of Canada, Best Sweet Grocery Worldwide” – SIAL Paris.

Global SIAL D'OR Medal

In 2011 – they were invited to pitch their company to Dragons on CBC TV's Dragon's Den to 2 million viewers! Of course, by then Honibe was already well on its way to the success it is today.

In 2013, Honibe Honey Drops made their debut in space when the shuttle mission commander, Chris Hadfield, took them along for the ride.

A December 20, 2012 press release stated, Island Abbey Foods Ltd.™ will be breaking the boundaries of space as its flagship product, the Honibe® Honey Drop®, gains altitude on its way to the International Space Station to become a nutritional snack for Commander Chris Hadfield's Expedition 35 Crew.”

Founders John and Sue Rowe with Astronaut Chris Hadfield

In 2019, over 6,000 retailers across Canada were selling Honibe products, and the company has shared their honey-based health supplements in 12 other countries around the world.

In 2021, the brand was introduced to the UK, bringing all the honey goodness and with 165 dedicated employees working to develop even more Honibe products, the company is primed for continued growth and expansion as people everywhere begin to discover the goodness of honey.

Honibe Gummie Bees range

  • Omega-3 with DHA & EPA that contribute to normal heart function
  • Vitamin D3 with honey and D3 to support the health of bones and teeth
  • Adult multivitamin plus immune with added Vitamin C, Echinacea & Zinc
  • Adult Multivitamin with honey and 11 essential vitamins and minerals
  • Lil’Bee Kids Multivitamin plus immune with added Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc
  • Lil’Bee Kids Multivitamin with honey and 10 essential nutrients

A line of new winter remedies  including honey lozenges, honey syrup and honey throat spray is launching soon.

PLUS… Honibe offers generous bundle and subscription-based discounts, so everyone can enjoy their products at an affordable price!

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