Bee Yourself by honibe

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The worker bees at the hive have been busy creating ‘Bee Yourself’, the fantastic new app which allows you to turn photos of your friends and family into majestic dancing bees! Download today, available from the android and iOS app stores.

Vitamin D – The ‘sunshine vitamin’

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Fantastic news from the work of Adrian Martineau and his team in the British Journal of Medicine, vitamin D has been shown to reduce the risk of colds, the flu, and other respiratory conditions. In their huge review of the evidence of the protective effects of Vitamin D, Professor Martineau’s team examined studies totaling over 11,000 participants in 25 randomised …

‘Whoop!’ – Bumping bees make let out an unusual sound.

Beatrice Bee The Science of Honey

By placing specialised equipment deep within hives, it is possible to hear bees letting out a rather unusual sound with their vibrating wing muscles. Since the 1950’s, scientists have attempted to uncover what exactly the purpose of a ‘whooping’ sound that bees produce actually is. It was previously thought that the ‘whoop’ was in response to a bee’s waggle dance …

What would your meals be like without bees?

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At honibe, we care deeply about the plight of the honeybee from which we took our name. Although bees are vital for the production of honey and the pollination of flowers, they make a huge contribution to all of our everyday meals, as this article demonstrates. With the population of honeybees steadily declining in recent years due to climate change, …

Honey Bird Seed Feed

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When was the last time you had the opportunity to lunch with a robin? Garden with a sparrow? Have tea with a blackbird? Invite the birds in your neighbourhood to come and “hang out for awhile” with our honey bird seed feed! Here at honibe® not only are we passionate about our products, including our honibe® all natural, specialty liquid …

honibe® Honey Panna Cotta

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If you’re a lover of sweet simplicity—and creamy desserts!—then we’d like to introduce you to the honey panna cotta. The panna cotta is quite possibly one of the most perfect desserts known to mankind. It’s a custard-like dessert that’s made with gelatin and cream, good for all occasions and situations, and the preparation literally takes all of ten minutes. So …

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Honibe Honey n’Beer Bread

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When the weather is cold, not much hits the spot like a nice warm bowl of soup—especially when you serve it with fresh homemade bread! I love fresh bread. You really can’t get anything like it at the store. And who would want to? The warmth, texture, and amazing flavour is only half of the fun. Fresh bread is a …