What would your meals be like without bees?

Beatrice Bee A World For Bees

At honibe, we care deeply about the plight of the honeybee from which we took our name. Although bees are vital for the production of honey and the pollination of flowers, they make a huge contribution to all of our everyday meals, as this article demonstrates. With the population of honeybees steadily declining in recent years due to climate change, pesticides and other factors, understanding the impact of the decline of bees on our plates really hits home.

Breakfast, for example would be at risk of losing granola, coffee, blueberries, raspberries, orange juice and strawberries without bee pollination. Lunch and dinner would be in line to lose onions, peppers, and a sharp reduction in potatoes, among other things. If you think this bad, fruits like apples, blackberries and kiwi fruit are also dependent on bee pollination. Hopefully this might convince you (like it does us) to be more bee-aware, and luckily, our blog post shows what you can do to help the honeybee.